Welcome to Akanuchè, your premium online directory for black-owned businesses. We’re dedicated to showcasing the very best across the globe, bringing creativity, quality and value together.​

Who We Are

Akanuchè means “Wisdom” or “Common Sense” in the Igbo language and is an intentional reflection of what our directory stands for. We bring knowledge and experience together to promote growth and sustainability within the black business community. Our ethos is:


We are committed to build, energise, engage and inspire you, our business network.


We know businesses thrive on having open and honest communication and this is our foundation in bringing our network together.

Client Experience

Clients; we’ve got you covered too! We want all clients who use our directory to have the ultimate customer experience time and time again.


Our aim is to empower and develop black-owned businesses to think outside the box.

We celebrate people from all walks of life; bringing their different strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds to make their companies unique. This is the heartbeat of Akanuchè.

Why List with Us?

Apart from the fact that we think we are a friendly bunch, we pride ourselves with having a genuine love of helping people succeed. Listing with us is just the beginning.


Providing the tools needed to list your business the way you want to be seen. You are in control of your listing. Access to training, events, consultancy and mentorship.


We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to help you grow and sustain your growth. We take the role of support seriously. Advertising, marketing and referrals are just some of the ways we can help you grow


Listing on our site means that you are part of a family that is growing together, you will be part of a network whose ethos is excellent work ethic with a strong collaboration mind set

Are you ready to join our growing community?

Let us bring you more customers. Many of Akanuchè’s business benefits are free.