Akanuchè was established to showcase THE best Black-Owned businesses globally. We know how talented and creative we are as people and we want the world to know that too. Our vision is to inspire all Black-Owned businesses to strive to be the best in their industries.

Our most important goals are to:

1. Give our visitors the best Customer experience EVER.

2. Promote our members globally.

We invite you to join or renew your membership on Akanuchè if you meet the following criteria:

1. Your business is registered in your country of operation or you are a sole trader

2. You have:

  •      – a website
  •      – and/or social media presence
  •      – and/or physical business location

3. You have a business/sole trader bank account

4. Public Liability Insurance

5. Relevant Qualification/Certification report for your industry. For example:

  •     – Hair & Beauty 
  •        – Products must have the relevant safety report for your country e.g. FDA/ CPSR
  •        – Hairdressers must have the relevant qualifications
  •     – Professional Services must have the relevant qualifications/ certifications to provide their services
  •     – Food & Hospitality
  •       – Caterers must have
  •       – a food license
  •       – Level 2 Food & Safety certificate
  •       – Hygiene rating of at least 3

6. And your business values are aligned with the following:

  •     – Professionalism
  •     – Excellent customer service
  •     – Trustworthiness
  •     – Integrity
  •     – Accountability
  •     – Respect
  •     – Quality

You will need to provide proof of 1-5 as well as 3 references on customer experience.  Please send details of your references to [email protected] with the subject as your business name – References e.g. “Akanuche – References

Once we have received your submitted listing and proof, we will schedule a 30 minutes discovery interview.

We expect all members:

  •  – be of good standing and that their Code of conduct should not bring bad press or affect the reputation of Akanuchè or the other businesses on the site.
  •  – to support other businesses on the site
  • By becoming a member you are standing out among the rest.