First Choice Caribbean Hut Lunches

Lunchtime deliveries and Event Catering

The very best in delicious home-cooked Jamaican food! Our carefully chosen menu is cooked on selected days, guaranteeing that your food will be fresh when delivered to your door for lunch.

At First Choice Caribbean Hut Lunches we offer catering services for both private and corporate events. We provide a buffet service of the very best in tasty West Indian food. We are equipped to cater for both large and small events which also includes outdoor events, with an experienced and professional team that will ensure our service is as perfect as our food!

We will work closely with you to provide a tailored package of services for your specific event. This can include anything from tailored menus (including Halal), delivery options, Shafer dishes, serving staff, and anything else you may need to make your event perfect.

Caron is a chef who specialises in Caribbean food. With years of experience, Caron is known for combining the very best Caribbean spices and seasoning, to create the signature dishes she is renowned for. Caron’s passion and interest in cooking started from a very young age, whilst watching her parents. It was here that Caron first began to put her own creative twist on traditional family recipes – recipes now available on the Caribbean Hut Lunches menu. Unlike some other Caribbean menu’s, Caribbean Hut Lunches brings its own specific taste combinations to its choices. Each dish must be tasted to be believed. This is Jerk Chicken and Oxtail you will write home about! In short, this is no ordinary menu and we welcome you to give it a try.