Terms and conditions of use

We undertake to conduct ourselves and our business to the highest moral and ethical standards and we expect our users to do the same. These Terms and Conditions describe the way in which we conduct ourselves with you, and they govern the way in which you conduct yourself when using our service. If you don’t wish to use this service in accordance with these Terms and Conditions please do not use our website – your use of this website constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

In using this service you commit to:

• Submit only genuine business listings;

• Claim only business listings for your business(es) or for businesses where you are an authorised representative;

• Not upload images, videos, text or any other content that might be considered offensive to other users or immoral;

• Make updates and additions that you know to be accurate, legal, decent and current – you will not make updates that present false, inaccurate, obscene or misleading information;

• Take a deep breath and count (slowly) to ten before writing a negative review about any business. If you must write a negative review, keep it objective and fair, and never get personal. Give any business the opportunity to resolve any issue offline before giving a negative review;

• If you’ve had a bad experience with a business and they subsequently make amends, be generous in your review of them – no-one gets it right 100% of the time, but when they fix something that’s broken they truly deserve credit;

• Not be a vandal. If you spot vandalism or spam take a moment to clear it up by making a correction, or if necessary reporting it;

• Be polite.

In providing this service we commit to:

• Always strive to provide a great service, and to be open and honest with you;
• Uphold our promises and commitments to you;
• Listen to your feedback

Registered Users

You need to register with Akanuchè to use the listing service. When you register with us you authorise us to contact you from time to time to provide you with updates and news about the service. We will not spam you.


The Service

The akanuche.com Service is a Global Business Listing Database and business directory of Black-Owned businesses. It’s built and maintained by everyone, for everyone, and it’s operated on a platform produced and owned by Akanuche Ltd.

No Warrantees

The Service is provided as seen, without any warrantees specific or implied. Akanuche Ltd, cannot guarantee, and can take no responsibility for, the accuracy of any listings. If you see inaccuracies you may use our tools to make any corrections.

Obscene Or Illegal Content

Akanuche Ltd reserves the right to remove any obscene, illegal, or otherwise offensive content.

Withdrawal Of Service

Akanuche Ltd reserves the right to withdraw the Service at any time from any or all users.

Provision Of Paid Services And No Refunds

Akanuche Ltd’s responsibilities in relation to paid-for services are fulfilled in total at the moment of payment; Akanuche Ltd is a self-service platform and does not provide subsequent refunds on paid services.

Transfer Of Claims And Disputes

Where a business listing claim is transferred to another member following a claim dispute, the remaining period of the claim, any associated paid-for services, and any sums paid to Akanuche Ltd are forfeited in favour of the new claimant. In short, you should not falsely claim a business listing because if it is later transferred to its rightful claimant you will not be entitled to any refund and they will inherit the remainder of the claim period and any associated promotions.

Ownership Of Data And Your Privacy 

Business listings are compiled from a combination of publically available business listing data and user generated data. Brand names and trademarks that feature in business listings are used only in the context of correctly identifying those brand names, trademarks or owners to which they relate. They are owned by their respective owners and Akanuche Ltd claims no association with any of them. All data and information present and entered into the Service becomes and remains the property of Akanuche Ltd.

Use Of This Website

You specifically may not use this website:

• For any unlawful purpose;
• To harm, threaten, abuse or harass any person, or in a way that invades another’s privacy;
• For any purpose that in our opinion is unacceptable to Akanuche Ltd;
• To create, verify, update or amend your own or someone else’s databases, records, directories, customer lists, mailing or prospecting lists;
• In any automated or robot-driven manner whatsoever.

Akanuche.com Business Listing Policy

The Akanuche.com website lists public domain information about businesses, including but not limited to business names, contact details, and the nature of their business. This information can be created and updated by users including, and in some cases limited to, business owners. The Akanuche.com website does not publish information that is owned by the businesses we list, with the exception of trademarks that form part of business names which are used in the correct context of the trademark to refer to the business that owns the trademark We take issues concerning legality of data very seriously and provide this Policy and Procedure for dealing with possible breaches.

Corrections and updates

Akanuche.com provides tools that allow the submitter to update and correct business listings. If you wish to make an update you can do this instantly and at no cost by using the tools that are provided in the website.

Private Information and Intellectual Property

The Akanuche.com service does not permit users to publish unauthorised confidential information about the businesses listed, nor does it allow users to use Trademarks except in the correct context to refer to the business that owns the trademark.

If you believe that confidential information about you or your business has been published without proper authorisation, or if you believe that an inappropriate use of your trademark has occurred, you may notify us using the following Procedure so that we may take the appropriate action.

Procedure for Notification and Action

We take issues concerning illegal content very seriously and will protect the rights of business owners and consumer users. If you are a business owner and you have legal grounds to object to a business listing you can notify us in writing in order for us to identify the content and take action. The following Procedure is provided for this purpose.

1. We take issues concerning illegal content very seriously and will protect the rights of business owners and consumer users. If you are a business owner and you have legal grounds to object to a business listing you can notify us in writing in order for us to identify the content and take action. The following Procedure is provided for this purpose.
a) A physical or electronic signature of the business owner or person authorised to act on behalf of the owner.
b) Specific description of the nature of the complaint, the allegation that is being made and what remedy is being sought.
c) Specific identification of the location and description of the content with enough detailed information to permit akanuche.com to locate the content. You must include the specific URL or URLs of the Akanuche web pages where the content is located.
d) Information reasonably sufficient to allow akanuche.com to contact the notifying party (i.e. you) which may include a name, address, telephone number and email address at which the notifying party may be contacted.
e) A statement that the notifying party has a good faith belief that the content is illegal, and the reasons why.
f) A statement that the information in the notification is accurate and that the notifying party is authorised to act on behalf of the business owner.

2. Akanuche Ltd will examine the notification for breach of our Policy, and will take one of two actions:
a) In the event that the content is found to be in breach of this Policy Akanuche Ltd will remove (or affect removal of) or modify the offending content to comply with this Policy and notify the submitter of our action
b) In the event that the content is found to be in compliance with this Policy Akanuche Ltd will notify the submitter of our finding

Email: [email protected]

Akanuche.com Review Policy

The Akanuche.com website allows users to leave reviews about the service provided by any business that is listed. Akanuche Ltd does not prevent users from leaving negative reviews, nor does it conduct any editorial review of reviews save for an automated profanity filter. If you have reason to object to any review please see the Reviews Policy which explains our policy with regard to negative reviews, provides a process for notifying us, and the process by which we will deal with any notifications.

Free Trials

From time to time Akanuche.com may offer free trials of various features either of our own or from partners. Free trials are provided on a complimentary and as-is basis and there are no obligations, either on you to take up, or on us to offer, a full version of the product used under a free trial.

Alterations To These Terms

These terms are subject to change over time; updates will be posted here.